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Tonight as I exhaustedly move the damn elf, I have several thoughts going through my head. One of them being, how do people have more than one of those wiggly, repetitive things we call kids, children, little darlings, our prides of joy…

I sat on the closet floor tonight, with just wet out of the shower hair for well over an hour arguing with my daughter, Scotti about not touching my jewelry box full of perfectly hung necklaces because… everytime she does, they fall into a ball that takes me at least an hour to untangle. After working for 9 hours, trucking her to and from kindergarten and carrying around extra weight (I’m pregnant) all while wearing 5 inch heels the entire day, I just want to get my hair blow dried and get in bed stat.

As I’m sitting there… untangling yet another of my necklaces. Scotti started to pull in and out of her new, unicorn jewelry box all her favorite jewelry (most from my jewelry cabinet) and all her lipglosses and perfumes, she looks up at me and says “you can never have enough lipgloss, would you like to see my morning look or my evening look?” I of course said evening, duh! 😉 and I watched her show me how to strategically place the gloss on the lips to get the most “attractive” evening look.

At this time, baby brother is inside of me, beating the crap out of me. Between being punched from the inside out and listening to my daughter give me the most professional make up tutorial. I quickly remember why people pop these “little darlings” out like pez candy. If my husband reads this… no, I will not have another kid.

Finally! It’s time for bedtime! This mama is tired! Then… all of a sudden Scotti “drops” her new unicorn jewelry box for the 3rd time in 10 minutes…all items spilling out. And I’m quickly reminded how thankful I also am to work full time at a job I  love and for husbands who will pick up from step dads and make dinner so it’s ready when I’m home (after he’s also worked a full day)

I looooove to work and I love my job and I also loooove my kids. Unfortunately, being a stay at home mom isn’t for me. I’m ok with that, a lot of moms give me flack for it… and honestly praise the lord for your souls, bless you for staying home with 1 kid,5 kids, 10 kids and not making it onto the local bookings in your city. I go to work almost daily and miss my kids, but I also remember I would miss them more if they weren’t breathing, and they would have a hard time breathing if I were a stay at home mom. Props to you stay at homers, it’s a tough job. And yes, I’ll remind you again, I love my kids, immensely, more than anything. I often feel guilty for working. I miss them always when they’re away. But then I see them happy, breathing and still alive and I feel whole and complete.Happy mom=happy kids.

P.S. Only one of these kids currently lives and breathes on planet earth, the second is tucked in my belly for at least another 5 weeks. (Thank god, right? WRONG. The boy is beating the living hell out of me from the inside out, such is life with our little darlings)