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Designer vs Affordable

Hey Guys! 👋🏼

Recently I’ve been getting lots of messages, mostly on INSTAGRAM asking where I shop, where I  got a certain item I’m wearing or where I purchase some of my designer pieces. I also get some who are wanting that designer look, but are on a budget. It can happen ladies, SO many good products out there! P.S. Never hesitate to DM me and ask for help finding the perfect outfit on a budget, I got you girl! 😘

P.S.S. I’m vowing to be better about tagging my brands on my Instagram, BIBLE.

Here are my some of my top 5 designer items, their links, and their budget friendly twins (Also, lets remember not all twins are identical 😉)

  1. This B-Low the Belt Baby Bri Bri Belt from Shopbop is a must for an easy pulled together look. When this first hit trend I  had a hard time getting on board. But, if Kendall Jenner can rock it, why can’t we? Looking for the identical belt but more budget friendly? This darling boutique in my hometown, Closet Revival has the belt for you. Even luckier, it comes in gold and silver 😏 AND you can order it online HERE.
  2. Nine times out of Ten you will see me sporting some type of Gucci belt. I  own this Wide Black Gucci Belt and it pairs well with EVERY outfit. It’s definitely an investment but with as much as I wear it, I’ve paid for it like ten times by now (way to justify it, right?) I    also own this Skinny brown leather Gucci belt and have it in Skinny White Leather too. Unfortunately, I   haven’t really found a Gucci belt look alike that I truly love. There are however quite a few places that you can buy gently used or new with tags Gucci belts. Be SOOOOOO careful where you buy from though. If you are looking for an Authentic Gucci belt I   would stick to ordering straight from Gucci or another trusted site such as Net-A-Porter. For slightly used designer items the three best sites I  have found are Vestiaire Collective, Tradesy, and Ssense. All are packed with an expert team that authenticate your items before they are ever even shipped out to you. Pretty great, right?
  3. Anyone who knows me knows I typically don’t wear anything less than a 6 inch heel. Hello! I’m 5’2 peeps, I  need all the help I can get 💁🏻‍♀️! My go to pump is the So Kate Pump by Christian Louboutin I have them both in black and in nude. They are the perfect classic pump that can pump up any outfit (see what I did there 😉) I  know I  know… You’re all thinking who in their right mind would pay that much for a pair of shoes?! The answer is, Me. And I’ll tell you why… There’s just something about those red bottoms that make you feel on top of the world. Literally guys… They make me feel like Wonder Woman. I  can accomplish anything in those bad boys. It may sound silly but, does it really matter? If it makes you happy, do it. Honestly, Steve Madden, ALDO, and Nordstrom all do a great classic pump as well, and I do own several pairs of shoes from all of these stores and can say I’ve never had a problem with a pair. The Nordstrom pump I  linked has a thicker heel, for those of you who like the added comfort and I’m gonna go ahead and link Steve Madden’s Vala Pump HERE. It is the budget friendly, comfortable, go to pump.
  4. Alright… I’m mentioning Gucci again. But the Gucci Mule is just too good not to mention 🤷🏻‍♀️. It’s classic and chic and can be paired with literally ANY outfit. Late night at the office? Kick off your heels and throw on a pair of mules. There are PLENTY of alternatives to this pricey piece. Again, Steve Madden has a great alternative.
  5. This Stuart Weitzman boot is my absolute favorite (and it’s 50% off, just in case any of you feel like splurging). The heel height is perfect and comfortable and they also make a flat version linked here. I had a hard time choosing between the flat or the heel but ultimately went with the heel, as it dresses outfits up a bit more. Although, eventually I’m sure I’ll cave and buy the flat boot as well🤪. It’s just too good. Both come above the knee and can be worn with anything from skinny jeans,  a mini skirt and an oversized sweater like the ones linked here and here, and this amazing sweater dress from Free People. I have it in grey as well as this one which is a bit more budget friendly and can double as a tunic, I have it in black. Ok, back to the boots! Many brands make identical versions to this over the knee boot. However, some of them don’t always have the ties in the back and I  feel like that detail is so on trend and won’t be leaving anytime soon. Gianni Bini makes a great, affordable version of this boot as well as Asos.

This post could literally go on forever 🤣 That being said, I’ll leave more for another day 🤣

Ladies! Don’t forget! You can always private message me and I’ll help you find that perfect budget friendly outfit!




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